Check your URLs

keep your links up to date ✨

npm install urlint -g
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Your URLs always ready

Be sure all your links are working as you expected.

No more broken links, we don't like surprises.

Automagically detection

Provide the URL to analyze, we do the rest.

We detect all your links and classify them based on their HTTP status.

Sitemaps are supported as well.

Universal Integration

Integrate it as part of your workflow.

Let the robots do all the work in the background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is urlint?

urlint is a command line interface for checking the availability of your links.

Just provide the URL that you want to check and the command will detect all the URLs present in the markup, classifying the links based on their HTTP status.

Why a CLI?

The CLI is an universal way to interact with any computer.

Based on his nature, CLI is an excellent way integrate a tool with any operating system (Mac, Windows and Linux) as part of your workflow, immediately.

Whatever solution based on a frontend UI need extra effort to be maintained and could be easily outdated in terms of design in a short period of time.

How to use it?

After install it, just run the command in your terminal.

It allows a set of configurable options, like concurrency, following redirects and more stuff. Write `urlint --help` to know more.

How to integrate it?

Although you can run `urlint` on demand, the most powerful way to use it is as part of your Continous Integration System (Travis, GitLab, Jenkins, CircleCI, ...).

This is an example on Travis CI executing it after a successful build

language: node_js

  - "node"

  - npx urlint --whitelist

Another approach could be run it periodically as a crontab, you check links availability over the time.

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